How An Edmonton Bus Rental Will Save You Money On Corporate Travel

Save Money On Your Corporate Travel With An Edmonton Bus Rental

Unfortunately, running a company costs money. There are a lot of expenses involved, all the way from electric bills to salaries. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming. But Alberta North Transport can help. While there may be some bills you absolutely can’t avoid paying, you can save money on travel with an Edmonton bus rental.

Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rental

Employee transportation can be very expensive, and although it might be nice to fly your employee’s first class for business, it just isn’t always feasible. Our Edmonton bus rentals will save you money regardless of your travel needs – Whether it be for meetings, conferences, retreats or even daily commutes.

Here are a few reasons why arranging for an Edmonton bus rental from Alberta North Transport may be right for you:

Flying Is Expensive

The cost of flying is soaring, especially if you are organizing transportation for a large group of staff, or with multiple destinations.

Not only is there the sky-high cost involved in employee booked flights but there are often many additional costs that go unplanned for “ getting your employees to and from the airport, parking,’ luggage fees, gas etc.

Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rental

Driving Is Expensive

Much like flying, driving can incur numerous additional costs. Many organizations reimburse their employee’s travel expenses when taking their personal or company vehicles.

Gas, parking, oil changes, wear and tear and any issues that may arise during the trip are often billed back to the company. This may not seem like a huge cost if there are only one or two employees involved, but when you begin coordinating events with multiple vehicles, the costs pile up quickly.

Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rental

Plus, Buses Are Safer

Did you know that buses are safer than driving your own car? Seriously, driving a personal vehicle has 20x the fatality rate of bus-related accidents. Every year there are approximately 40,000 deaths due to car accidents.

This makes car accidents one of the leading causes of death for people aged 1-44. This doesn’t even account for the tens of thousands of driving-related injuries each year. Renting a bus significantly lowers the threat of being involved in an accident, and that’s always good news.

Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rental

Tricks Of The Trade

We’ve already discussed how expensive flying can be, but did you know that many airlines implement an algorithm to increase prices for business travelers? Its true, booking flights for employees can cost you more than for the average traveler.

Many airlines use an algorithm to determine when the average trip is being booked for business and use that data to increase prices during those times.

Furthermore, it is well know that airlines change their ticket prices dramatically throughout the year, increasing rates for the summer months and holidays.

Lucky for you, our rates are upfront with no hidden costs or fees. We won’t charge you for airport parking, luggage fees or additional legroom.

Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rental

Saving You Time And Money

If you are looking for a solution to help you save your company money on travel, you’ve found it. Anytime your corporate travel plans allow for it, consider an Edmonton bus rental.

Bus rentals are a great option for businesses looking to cut down on travel costs, save time and increase productivity. Not only will a bus rental cost less but your employees will arrive together, relaxed and on time.

Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rental

Every year businesses lose thousands of productive work hours when employees are required to fly or drive for work. Give them the ability to take a business call, pull out their laptop or work from their new mobile-office in an Edmonton bus rental from Alberta North Transport.

Time is money, and by booking your next corporate travel opportunity with us we have the potential to save you and your company money every, single trip.

Skip the reimbursement fees and use corporate travel time to its fullest.

The Most Convenient Transportation

While’ cost is a major factor in choosing your mode of transportation, it shouldn’t be the only consideration. We also offer convenience. Renting a bus is not only the cheapest but also safest and easiest way to organize corporate group travel.

With multiple pickup options, common airport issues like parking eliminated and costly vehicle expenses avoided there are too many benefits to ignore.

Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rental

By avoiding all the issues like wait times, line-ups and hidden fees your overall trip costs are starting to lower already. By choosing just one mode of transportation for the entire trip you are saving time and keeping all your employees together.

Not only is taking the bus cheaper than taking a plane, train or your a personal vehicle, but you can bring liquids, skip the security lines and save yourself a lot of stress.

Consider all the time that you will save searching for parking, loading luggage over and over again and passing through security.

Save time, save the hassle, and save the money by choosing an Edmonton bus rental. Simply put, renting a bus cheaper, more convenient and smarter.

Really, Rent A Bus

Corporate bus rentals are an increasingly popular option for businesses looking to cut down on needless travel expenditures and increase productivity.

Time is money and we understand that better than anyone. Our corporate packages will allow your employees to stay comfortable, safe and productive while getting where they need to be.

While traveling, the daily workflow can continue uninterrupted. Or, use the time for teambuilding, bonding or brainstorming sessions. The choice is yours, and having that choice can be priceless in of itself.

Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rental

Our bus rentals will allow for you to save on parking, taxis, gas and even pesky hidden fees that are often considered reimbursable.

With an Edmonton bus rental from Alberta North Transport, you will you have one expense and you’ll know what it is up-front. Even better, it will be less than the alternatives.

So, skip the airport lines, hidden fees, and downtime. Contact Alberta North Transport now to learn more about how you can save time and money with a corporate Edmonton bus rental.

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