An Edmonton Bus Rental For Your Industrial Transportation Needs

Getting Your Workers To And From Your Job Site

When you set up a job site in Edmonton, you know you’ve got a good thing going. Edmonton has a wide variety of industrial job sites’ available for small, medium and large businesses.

You’re taking advantage of a great opportunity to grow your business and contribute to economic job growth‘ in Edmonton.

Something that must be taken seriously, but is often overlooks is getting your workers safely to and from your industrial job site. Simply put, not doing so can increase your insurance premiums, cost you time and money, and hold your business back.

It can be a headache to organize and maintain on your own. That’s why you should really consider an Edmonton bus rental through Alberta North Transport‘ to help. We have the time, training and experience to make sure that all your industrial transportation needs are handled. We will get your employees to and from work safely, on time, and exactly where you need them.

That way, you don’t leave anything to chance as we ensure your employees get to work. This is why so many companies have chosen Alberta North Transport for their Edmonton bus rental needs.

Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rental

The Insurance Advantage Of Organized Transportation

A huge issue for people who have out-of-the-way job sites is minimizing injuries “ because’ workman’s comp‘ claims can cause insurance to skyrocket.

One of the most common ways Edmonton workers get hurt is going to and from the job in an industrial area. If you can cut down on that risk, you’ll not only have a healthier workforce “ you’ll also keep your insurance costs within budget.

Our fleet of buses‘ can take any number of people to and from industrial job sites.

We can arrange pick-up or meeting spots for shift workers. Or, we can arrange to pick up special teams or management straight from their homes and bring them to site.

Then we’ll come back at the end of their shift, pick them up, and bring them right back home. There is no risk of them getting into an accident on the way to work or on the way home.

Our buses are comfortable, practical and affordable.

Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rental

Getting People To Industrial Areas On Time

While working on industrial sites time is money. You want your workers at work on time and ready to go. And you can’t afford to have them leaving early due to traffic or road conditions.

That’s one of the reasons why site managers choose organized transportation to get their workers to and from work. You aren’t at the mercy of them getting stuck in a traffic jam or otherwise arriving late.

With a regular private bus schedule, there is no excuse for workers arriving late or holding back scheduled progress. Furthermore, your employees will work until a set, scheduled time when the bus comes back to pick them up, maximizing on-site productivity.


Taking Care Of Your Late Night Workers ‘ 

You want your industrial site to be active around the clock. That’s how you meet deadlines and keep vendors, suppliers, and customers happy. Lately, there has been a push to provide more security for late night workers‘ on industrial job sites.

Late night workers incur more risk because of their special hours. Tired drivers are not as safe as rested drivers. At the end of their shift, they may be even more fatigued and at risk.

Renting one of our buses takes away that risk. They don’t have to make driving decisions or navigate through heavy traffic or poor driving conditions. And when they are on their way home, they can sleep on the bus until they get to their destination “ instead of the possibility of falling asleep behind the wheel.

This adds a layer of protection and convenience to your night shift “ which will be rewarded with higher productivity and less risk of injury to your workers.

Over time, this will result in higher profits and a happier workforce.

Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rental

Saving Your Workers Money

Driving to and from work can be very expensive. And it’s not only because of constantly fluctuating gas prices – There is also the wear and tear on your employee’s vehicles, which eats away at their investment.

Add to that any repairs they might have to deal with, and making them drive to and from work can be a huge expense that they don’t need to deal with. This is even truer if your job site is located any distance from your head office or employees homes.

Alberta North Transport takes that out of the picture. We pay for gas. Our vehicles take the wear and tear. Your workers leave their cars at home “ we pick them up and bring them back.

For a lot of workers, this is like getting a raise.’ And if you don’t have a travel allowance employees are essentially paying to get to work.


Providing Updates To Your Workers Before They Get To Work

One huge time-eater on industrial projects is updating your staff at the start of their shifts.

It may be something as simple as project updates, safety concerns or new tasks. It could be as serious as warning them about a potentially dangerous situation. The bottom line is that any minute they spend on site getting updated is a minute they are not working.

This is one of the huge advantages of organized bus transport – you can provide your workers with all the information they need while they are on their way to work, even answering questions before arriving on the job site. When your employee’s arrive, they can clock in and are ready to get to work.

This can save a crucial amount of time on site helping to ensure that projects are completed on time and under budget.

Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rental

Here To Help For Your Industrial Transport Needs

We want you to make money “ and we want to keep your workers safe. At Alberta North Transport, we are here for you. Contact us‘ today to find out what we can do for you.

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