Edmonton Bus Rentals Are A Great Alternative For Schools

If you are in charge of school transport, then choosing Alberta North Transport is a great option for your field trips, sports teams, and all special events.

We offer a wide variety of travel options for your students. Each choice is safe, secure and will everyone where they are supposed to go.

Our team subscribes to all of Edmonton’s travel service standards, so you can be sure that we will look after your students well and give you one less thing to worry about. In fact, we exceed most of those standards.

We make renting a bus in Edmonton easy, whether you choose luxury black-and-white buses or yellow buses. We have features including coach seats, on-board bathrooms, undercarriage storage and TVs and DVD players that can help children travel long distances comfortably and with enough distractions to keep them out of your hair.

Alberta North Transport offers upgraded buses, rigorous training for our drivers, and modern safety features.

Overall, we believe that when it comes to Edmonton bus rentals, we are the logical choice for any school system.


Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rentals

Getting School Teams To Events

Athletics are of great importance to any Edmonton school, and getting to games safely has to be an absolute priority.

We are here to help you make sure it happens smoothly and on time. No matter where you compete, we’ll make sure you get there in style and comfort.

Alberta North Transport offers up-to-date heating in the winter, and super-cool air conditioning in the warmer months.

You can bring a selection of DVDs to watch whatever you’d like with our onboard televisions. For example, if you want to show your last game against a certain team to study their tactics, we have you covered.

We also offer backup buses on standby so if there is ever a reason one bus breaks down, a second one can be dispatched in a matter of minutes.

Our luxury buses are considerably more comfortable than an ordinary yellow bus, with coach-style seating for everyone from coaches to players. But we can also offer yellow buses for the cost-conscious trip.

You can contact us and schedule a bus for a specific event “ or, if you prefer, have a standing order for all of your sports travel needs involving Edmonton bus rentals. We even have packages that can cover post-season games.

This gives you a high level of flexibility when it comes to making your transport choices.



Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rentals

Edmonton Bus Rentals For School Trips

A school trip is a great way to help your students expand their knowledge of your region and the world outside the school walls.

Alberta North Transport is here to help. We work hard to make sure whatever you have planned for your school trip is a highlight for your students.

Whether you are planning a short day-trip or a long, overnight journey, you can trust us to make it safe and enjoyable. Our coach-style seating, DVD player, TVs and under-carriage storage ensure that the trip will be enjoyable for everyone. We want your students to experience the best school trip possible, but we also want teachers and chaperones to be able to relax a bit too.

For longer trips, we can even offer backup drivers to ensure that there is always someone behind the wheel who is fresh and ready to go.

So whether you want to go to Edmonton City Hall‘ or the Alberta Aviation Museum, we have you covered.

Rest assured knowing that your students are going to be safe on their trip “ and get where they are supposed to go.


Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rentals

Alberta North Transport For Getting Children To School

Edmonton schools often rely on the Edmonton Transit System to get children to school.

However, if you are an out-of-the-way school or don’t trust your students’ safety to the city streets, Alberta North Transport offers several great solutions. We are particularly helpful for private schools, rural schools and for schools that don’t want to rely on the ETS.

Choosing an Edmonton bus rental from Alberta North Transport means you have backup buses that ensure that no matter what the conditions, your children get to school on time.

We also offer the peace of mind of knowing that your students are not left alone on public transportation with strangers. Only your students will be on your bus “ adding an extra level of safety and security.

Whether you are interested in one of our luxury coach buses, which are much more comfortable than any ETS bus, or one of our yellow buses, our services are more convenient and will be solely dedicated to getting your students where they need to go, when they need to be there.

We’ll make sure your children get to school on time “ and we’ll be there at the end of the day to take them home. We will provide a safe, reliable and affordable curb-to-school experience for your students. All in all, Alberta North Transport has you covered.


Alberta North Transport - Edmonton Bus Rentals

Alberta North Transport “ The Ultimate in Edmonton Bus Rentals For Students!

When it comes to your students, safety is paramount. We provide the best reliability and level of safety money can buy.

With experienced drivers, back-up buses, luxury coach seating, onboard bathrooms, under-carriage storage and entertainment systems, we offer the best of the best. We deliver your students in comfort and style.

Whether you are looking to move your sports teams, plan class trips or organize your students’ daily transport, we are the best choice you can make.

Alberta North Transport has a wide range of pricing options and is excited to work with your school district. So, why not contact us now to find out your options!

Keep in mind that we also offer these services for colleges and trade schools, but our support doesn’t end there. Check out our full list of services and our full fleet to get an even better idea of how we can assist you.

Check us out today and see what we have to offer. We think you’ll be very impressed.

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