Keeping Entertained On Your Charter Bus Trips

Having the best charter bus team in Edmonton helps, but we understand that sometimes it can be a little quiet during your ride if you donate come prepared with books, work, or your favourite electronics.

From experience, we know that playing some games, and interacting with your travel mates, will get the time flying. So, Alberta North Transport has put together a list of some of the best onboard bus games to keep you entertained during those long trips.


Traditional Games



Almost everybody loves a game of charades, and even those who donate want to participate will have a blast watching.

Once everyone is seated, play rock-paper-scissors to determine who will go first and have the actor draw a card. Donate have the actual game with you? That’s ok, designate someone each round to pick something to act out. Try keeping it within a category like movie or song titles to ensure fairness each round.

Limited space and having to keep your balance add a fun new dynamic.


Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is usually a drinking game, and if you keep it a drinking game Alberta North Transport will provide letters of authorization for groups to obtain a liquor license to drink on the best. That’s right, you can play drinking games on your privately chartered bus!

Go around the group and give each player a chance to make a statement starting with Never Have I Ever. If you have ever, you must take a drink.

If you do not want to drink, or there are minors with you, instead play with some juice, water or soda. In this non-alcoholic version, the first player to need to use the onboard restroom loses.

Some examples of statements to make would be things like:

  • Never have I ever put my gum under a table
  • Never have I ever tasted animal food
  • Never have I ever watched Spongebob Squarepants
  • Never have I ever scared myself in a mirror


Who Am I

For Who Am I, each participant will have a card on his or her forehead, or back with the name of a celebrity on it. Players will ask questions in order to try and guess who they are.

If you donate have the actual game with you, that’s ok. Take a pen and paper (or even better some post-it notes) and have each player write down a celebrity. This usually works best if you decide on a theme like movie stars, cartoon characters, politicians etc.

Put the names in a hat, and have everyone draw. Now the fun really begins. Players have a limited amount of time to ask 20 ‘yes’or ‘no’ questions in order to try and guess their identity.

Some examples of questions to ask would be things like:

  • Am I an entertainer?
  • Am I Alive?
  • Am I a male/female?
  • Am I young/old?
  • Am I animated?


Window Scavenger Hunt

This modified bus-window scavenger hunt will usually require a little pre-trip planning. The best way we have seen it done is for the organizer to print out a list of items that can be found outside during your bus ride, and provide each player with the list.

The first person to find all the items wins. Pretty simple, right? Well, sometimes yes, and sometimes no. We have seen some pretty tricky items.

Some examples of items to find could be things like:

  • A license plate from another province or territory
  • Animals (bears, deer, skunks, moose etc.).
  • Flowers
  • Crops
  • Particular brands or models of cars
  • Particular brands of restaurants, hotels, or gas stations etc.



Bingo usually works best on a charter bus if it is magnetic bingo, or if the sheets are printed and players simply use pens/pencils. We have seen a few people get bingo dabber paint on their clothes or loose bingo pieces. We recommend avoiding both of these options.

Just like any regular game of bingo a caller picks numbered and lettered balls (this works just fine without balls“ use paper, cards, whatever works for you) and announces them. The first person to complete the bingo pattern wins.


Electronic Games And APPS


We understand that you may not always be traveling with a group of people you know, or who are able and willing to play games. Orrrrr’..everyone forgot to bring the required materials. So, in this tech-driven world, we wanted to provide you with a list of the top apps that you should be traveling with.


Heads Up!

Most of you have probably heard of or watched the Ellen DeGeneres show. Well, Heads Up! Is the game that Ellen plays on her show, and now you can play it too.

This game is especially fun because it is still a multi-player game. Available on both Android and iPhone Heads Up is very similar to Who Am I.

Ranging from singing, to accents, to celebrities, players have to guess the word on the card based on other players clues, and all before the timer runs out.


Mad Libs

Mad Libs is an absolute classic and must have for any road trip. Gone are the days when you have to buy a Mad Libs pad from the bookstore, now you can carry it on your phone everywhere you go.

This amazing app, available for both Android and iPhone, provides an unlimited selection of hilarious choices to choose from. You can even download themed Mad Libs apps like Scooby-Doo or Angry Birds.


Road Trip: Family Fun

This family-friendly app is packed with games, scavenger hunts, riddles and more.

The Road Trip Scavenger Hunt provides options for generic scavenger hunts, or for specific areas and cities. Just like any scavenger hunt, check off the items you see.


Karaoke Anywhere

The Karaoke Anywhere app is the world’s first and only full featured iPhone karaoke app and has a streaming library of over 10,000 songs! Sing your heart out, but watch out for those data roaming charges!


Be Ready And Keep Entertained On Your Next Charter Bus Trip

Well there you have it, the ultimate guide to keeping entertained on your charter bus trips! Long or short, you’ll be ready.

At Alberta North Transport our first priority is keeping you safe and comfortable, from the moment you leave to the moment you arrive at your destination. But, we also want you to have fun!

When you’are ready to book, contact us and well make sure your safe, comfortable, and entertained!

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