Want to get the most out of the mountain this season? Get your group there in comfort with our buses for almost half the price of a coach so you can spend your money upgrading accommodations or stocking your fridge! Not only can our drivers get you to your accommodation, but they can drive you to the hill each day and pick you up after you’re done riding. With Alberta North Transport’s years of experience navigating local highways in all seasons you can rest assured that your group will arrive safely and on schedule to their next mountain adventure. We worry about the snow on the roads, you worry about the snow on the slopes!

Traveling through Alberta with your skis or snowboard isn`t easy. You`ll need to be clever in terms of bag weight and finding spots to store your giant gear on limited-storage trains or in tiny buses. It`ll also take a lot of physical strength to haul your bags up and down stairs and escalators in train stations & airports. So let us take your worry away, hire Alberta North Transport to make your mountain trips experience worthwhile.

*Disclaimer – Features vary by bus


Great Variety & Savings

Because we operate a unique fleet ranging from school buses to commercial buses to full size coaches we are able to accommodate groups as small as 14 passengers and as large as 56 passengers. No other company offers as many vehicle options in order to ensure that your per head transportation costs are as affordable as possible.

Customized Schedule

Hire us for a day or for multiple days/weeks. Regardless of the time of day or trip length involved we can make your schedule work.

Onboard Bathroom

Book one of our tour buses and save yourself rest stops on the way to your destination thanks the convenience of our onboard restrooms.

Auxiliary Heating

We’ve invested in auxiliary heating units that run separately from the engine so that even in the unlikely event of the bus dying on the side of the road your employees will be warm and safe until a back up bus can arrive.

Air Conditioning

Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean it can’t be cool on the bus. Our powerful air conditioning units ensure your comfort in all seasons.

Additional Storage

Our buses have additional storage built in to ensure that your gear is safely and comfortably placed.

Trailer Upon Request

If you have a lot of gear that needs to go with your group then ask us about our optional trailers.

Upgraded Sound Systems & Flat Screen TVs

Our buses have upgraded sound systems including Bluetooth connectivity and flat screen TVs with DVD players so you can watch your favourite movies on the road.

Back Up Buses

If for any reason your bus runs into trouble on the road we will dispatch a new bus immediately to come pick you up and get you back on schedule.

Always On Call

You may only be able to reach other companies Monday to Friday from 9 to 5, but we are available 7 days a week, morning and night, including statutory holidays! Give us a call any time to discuss your charter or if you need assistance in any way.

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