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By now you have probably heard about greenhouse gases and how they are causing damage to the ozone layer and in turn global warming. But did you know that one of the leading causes for greenhouse gases is personal vehicles, like cars and trucks?


For every person driving an average of 25 kilometers per day approximately 4,400 pounds of greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere annually. By taking a charter bus to get where you are going you greatly reduce your carbon footprint, and the math is simple. Let’s use a real world example:


Imagine that there are 2 vehicles traveling to a hockey game that is 320 kilometers away. The first vehicle is a truck carrying a single person. The second vehicle is a charter bus carrying 40 people. Let’s assume that the truck averages 14 liters per 100 KM, meaning it would burn approximately 45 liters to get to the game. Due to its size and weight, the bus is going to average only 28 liters per 100 KM, meaning it will burn approximately 90 liters to get to the game.


So, the truck burned around 45 liters per person to get to the hockey game. The charter bus burned significantly more fuel than the truck, at 90 liters, but carried 40 people. That means that the average fuel burned per person to get to the hockey game by bus was only 2.25 liters! In this example the bus was 20x more efficient than the car, greatly reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions per person.

Alberta North Transport Go Green

Finding, extracting and refining fuels for our vehicles results in lasting impacts on our environment.

When you take into account the cost of surveying, unearthing, refining and delivering the fuels used to power these vehicles, along with the lasting impact on the environment it becomes easy to see how much better it is to charter a bus than travel in your own car. To get an idea of just how much waste is generated let’s take a look at the emissions and pollutants released into the air by the average passenger vehicle consuming 2,200 liters of fuel each year:


– Approximately 40 pounds of oxides of nitrogen

– Almost 80 pounds of hydrocarbons

– A Staggering 575 pounds of carbon monoxide

– Nearly 11,500 pounds of carbon dioxide

Alberta North Transport Go Green

The average passenger vehicle consumes approximately 2,200 liters of fuel each year.

As mentioned above, these numbers do not even begin to consider the environmental damage caused by drilling for oil to produce the fuels needed to fill gas tanks or the many other negative effects that these processes have on the planet. But, the numbers alone do tell a scary story and make it easy to see how driving a personal vehicle strains the environment. Let’s take a look at a few of the many ways that taking a bus helps to conserve energy and reduce our carbon footprint:


-Taking a bus with as few as 7 passengers is more fuel-efficient than an average single occupant vehicle.

-Taking a fully occupied bus is 6x more fuel-efficient than the average single occupant vehicle.

-The math checks out: Buses, on average, use 13.92{2d0d2670d8eb051951a9f6569e388f262d8fb10be309e7e11fef0e68dd15044d} less energy per passenger, per KM less than the average single occupant vehicle.

-On average, buses only emit 12.5{2d0d2670d8eb051951a9f6569e388f262d8fb10be309e7e11fef0e68dd15044d} as much carbon monoxide per person, per KM as the average single occupant vehicle.

-Buses, on average, emit only 6.25{2d0d2670d8eb051951a9f6569e388f262d8fb10be309e7e11fef0e68dd15044d} as many hydrocarbons (ozone precursor) per passenger, per KM as the average single occupant vehicle.

-The average bus emits only 46.88{2d0d2670d8eb051951a9f6569e388f262d8fb10be309e7e11fef0e68dd15044d} as many nitrogen oxides (ozone precursor) per passenger, per KM as the average single occupant vehicle.


Science doesn’t lie: taking a charter bus when traveling or heading to events makes a big difference to our air quality and use of natural resources. Charter buses provide safe, convenient transportation at some of the lowest possible travel costs per person. Now, more than ever, we need to pay attention to the growing environmental concerns facing our planet. The harmful emissions being sent into our atmosphere and the long-term effects that they are leaving for future generations should not be ignored.

Alberta North Transport Go Green

Charter Buses, along with other means of mass transportation help to reduce the number of roadways needed.

We have all seen it; thousands of vehicles scrambling to get to an event through rush hour traffic, with only one or two people in each. Most people are now aware of the dangers of greenhouse gases, the effects they are having on our planet and the health risks that follow. Yet, many people living in urban centers are doing nothing to protect our environment, which is becoming increasingly fragile. The next time you are heading to an event or traveling with friends, consider a ˜green alternative – a charter bus.


Yes, cars are a reality of modern life, but what many of us do not think about is how much we have had to change our environment to accommodate them. Did you know that there are more than 64 MILLION miles of roads covering the earth’s surface? This number becomes even more astounding when you consider that each 1 KMs of one-lane roadway requires between 4.5 thousand and 7.5 thousand tons of material to build and maintain. In that same 1 KMs of roadway, approximately 1.5 thousand tons of waste will be generated through construction and maintenance.

Alberta North Transport Go Green

Each 1 KMs of one-lane highway built will result in a approximately 1 thousand tons of waste.

Buses help to keep people moving at the lowest possible cost, to both the user and the planet. Without mass transportation, like the charter bus, we would need to build more roads, creating more waste, damaging more of the environment and disrupting more sensitive ecosystems. We need to be good to the planet and taking a bus helps.


Taking a charter bus is beneficial in many ways. It is cost effective, reduces stress levels and greatly reduces the negative impact on the environment. By taking a bus you are doing your part to conserve natural resources, reduce air pollution and lower harmful ozone levels. When it comes to going green, hiring a charter bus for your events or travel makes a big difference. At

Alberta North Transport Go Green

We all need to work together to respect our planet and do our part to reduce our carbon footprint.

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