Top 10 Reasons To Charter A Bus For Your Corporate Travel

When you need to get somewhere far away in a rush flying is often your best bet, but don’t discount the benefits of chartering a bus. Not only has air travel’s convenience been in question due to increasing delays, security waits and overbooked flights, but you also have to arrive at the airport earlier and earlier to ensure you don’t miss your flight. With airline regulations requiring any checked bags be dropped off hours before your flight, ever-growing security lines and overbookings flying can end up being more stressful than the big meeting you are trying to make.Chartering a bus often bypasses many, if not all of these issues and is quickly becoming the preferred mode of transportation for those who want to travel short distances, or with large groups of people.

Alberta North Transport has put together the following 10 reasons why you should charter a bus for your corporate travel:

  1. Increased Travel Flexibility: Life happens and things change. When something unexpected comes up coordinating a large team is significantly easier when everyone is together and has the same plans. Not only is re-booking significantly easier with a charter bus, it is also much, much cheaper than making last minute changes with airlines.
Alberta North Transport Charter

All of our buses are continually upgraded and maintained to the highest standard so you don’t get stuck waiting.

  1. Affordability: The cost of traveling in a group can be drastically lower than traveling with commercial airlines or in individual passenger vehicles. Our charter buses do not have any additional baggage fees and there is no crazy airport parking cost. Alberta North Transport offers buses to suit all budgets. Whether you are traveling with a large group or small group we will work with you to stay within your budget. Say no to high gases prices, taxies and additional car rentals with your own charter bus and driver.


  1. Simplified Group Travel: Whether traveling for corporate training, a retreat or the big meeting, charter buses are the perfect size to move large groups of people. Including everyone in the same vehicle is far more convenient and significantly more social than orchestrating a convoy of vehicles.
Alberta North Transport Charter Bus

With Alberta North Transport’s years of experience navigating local highways in all seasons you can rest assured that your group will arrive safely and on schedule.

  1. Team Bonding: Our charter buses ensure that your team can spend time together without the stress of driving or navigating unfamiliar territories. Getting your team all together on one charter bus rather than spread out on a plane or in separate vehicles allows the team to bond as a unit. Think of your trip as a great time for building teams, making friends and creating memories.


  1. Stress-Free Travel: Alberta North Transport ensures that you and your team will not be spending hours waiting in long lines at security checkpoints, hauling luggage from flight to flight, dealing with over-bookings or getting lost. Our charter buses ensure you never have to say I’m Lost and that your luggage goes with you, at no additional cost. Say goodbye to long lineups and the hassles of tracking down lost items with a custom charter bus.
Alberta North Transport Charter Bus

As an Alberta based company, we understand your needs and will go the extra mile to serve you. Our custom charter services make your travel plans easy.

  1. Safety: Safety is our obsession. Our drivers go through rigorous training and there is nothing we won’t do to ensure your safety. Statistically, renting a charter bus is one of the safest ways to travel and the risks that come with traveling in passenger vehicles are far greater. In fact, studies have shown that buses are twice as safe as flying and nearly 50 times safer than driving a car. Safety is always our first priority.


  1. Convenience: Alberta North Transport will work closely with you to ensure all your traveling needs, no matter how complicated, are met. Unlike traveling on a plane, or by rail, which will only get you to the nearest airport or train station, a chartered bus will take you wherever you need to go. Whether you are traveling with additional equipment, making multiple stops or traveling outside of the province we will get you there safely.


  1. Comfort: Kick back and relax. We offer luxury charter buses custom built for your comfort, convenience and safety. With reclining coach seats, LCD TV’s, auxiliary heating, sound systems and luggage racks we ensure that we have everything you need for a safe and enjoyable trip. Feel free to use your electronic devices the entire trip with no limits on headphones or laptops. Don’t get caught fighting over armrests on a cramped plane, ensure you are on a charter bus built with your comfort in mind.
Alberta North Transport Bus

Alberta North Transport maintains a unique fleet of classic school buses and high quality customised executive buses. With superior interiors, auxiliary heating, additional storage and entertainment systems we aim to provide the comfort of a coach for a fraction of the cost and promise to get you where you need to be safely and on time.

  1. Traveling Green: Studies have shown that flying commercially produces nearly the same amount of carbon dioxide per person as if the passengers were each driving separate vehicles. Planes are prone to emitting harmful waste directly into the atmosphere, so much so that studies show this waste to be twice as damaging as driving the same distance in a car.


  1. Dependability: Alberta North Transport follows a strict maintenance schedule and always ensure that its fleet is fully operational. Our team is dedicated to making sure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible and is always on standby should any issues arise.
Alberta North Transport Charter Bus

Our highly trained professional drivers are there to get you where you need to go safely and on time. We are happy to customize any itinerary to suit your needs.

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Traveling by bus has come a long way in terms of providing passengers with safe, comfortable, cost effective travel. Often, when people think of traveling by bus they are reminded of the cramped school bus rides from when they were young, our charter buses are a far cry from the old school bus days loaded with custom features to keep everyone onboard safe and happy. At one time considered a less attractive travel option, charters are quickly becoming the preferred mode of transportation for many people. Offering an affordable means of traveling with more comfort and features than most first class-airlines, charter buses are growing in popularity by the day.


So, if you are tired of the headache of organizing your team’s travel logistics consider Alberta North Transport and let us handle the details. We pride ourselves on offering Alberta’s premiere choice for Charter Buses and our highly-trained professional drivers are here to get you where you need to go safely and on time. Call or click today to learn how Alberta North Transport can meet your travel needs.

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