Top 5 Reasons To Book A Bus Charter For Graduation

Every year thousands of Edmonton teens celebrate graduation. With thousands of teens and hundreds of parties taking place across the city, things can get a little crazy. Smart partiers know that renting a bus charter is the ideal way to make sure that everyone makes it to the party, and home, safely and for a great price.

Like with any event, one of the critical factors to the success of your graduation celebrations will be your choice of transportation. How will everyone get where you need to be when you need to be there? There are plenty of options, but more and more event planners, executives, professionals and regular people are turning to bus charters as their transportation of choice.

Here are the top 5 reasons why renting an Edmonton bus charter is the best choice for your graduation:


You’ll Be With All Your Friends

This one is easy, if you rent a charter bus you’ll have more fun. Being with your friends is the whole point of having a graduation party “ so you can celebrate together. Think of it this way, would you prefer a full bus of all your friends or a limo with only a few of them? The answer is clear-cut “ a bus full of all your happy, excited friends is the way to go. A party isn’t a party without your friends, and the ride is a big part of your grad night. Keep your friends together with a stress-free charter rental.


You Will Save Money

While many of your friends may be dishing out big bucks to take a limo, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with all the money you save renting a bus from Alberta North Transport.

Think of all the things you can do with your savings. You could buy the perfect pair of shoes to compliment your grad outfit. Or upgrade from a tux rental to a tux purchase. Maybe you’ll hear your parents voice in the back of your head and put it into a university fund.

Sure, renting a limousine is a cool idea, but you are limited to 8 people and it costs a small fortune. You want to party with all of your friends, all night, right? If the answer is yes than an Edmonton bus rental is the way to go.


You Know It’s Reliable

Making sure you are on time is huge! Your coach bus will be selected and prepared exclusively for your group. You’ll be on the same bus the entire night, so there is never any worry of leaving anything behind or missing your ride. Your driver will know in advance where you are going, and how to get there, with real-time access to information regarding traffic delays and alternate routes.


There is no need to have your grad night suffer from everyone trying to be fashionably late so they aren’t there alone, cause you will all be arriving together. If everyone takes a bus rental together you’ll all arrive at the same time and the party can start immediately.


You’re Doing The Environment A Favour

Imagine that there are 2 vehicles traveling to your graduation party, which is 32 kilometres away. The first vehicle is a truck carrying two people. The second vehicle is a charter bus carrying 40 people. Let’s assume that the truck averages 14 litres per 100 KM, meaning it would burn approximately 4.5 litres to get to the party. Due to its size and weight, the bus is going to average only 28 litres per 100 KM, meaning it will burn approximately 9.0 litres to get to the game.


So, the truck burned around 2.25 litres per person to get to the party. The charter bus burned significantly more fuel than the truck, at 9.0 litres, but carried 40 people. That means that the average fuel burned per person to get to the graduation party by bus was only 0.225 litres! In this example the bus was 20x more efficient than the car, greatly reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions per person.


You Know You’ll Be Safe

You can stay confident knowing that when you hire a professionally driven charter bus everyone will arrive safe and sound. Our drivers are highly trained professionals who have undergone rigorous training. Your belongings will be safe too. Any personal items you leave on the bus will be safe while you are partying. Furthermore, there is very limited access to a charter bus, so it is almost impossible for unwanted guests to get on-board.

Research consistently shows that traveling by bus is a much safer option than traveling by small passenger vehicle. In the off chance that your charter bus is involved in a motor vehicle accident, the chances of serious injury or death are greatly reduced.

Really, when it comes down to it, there will probably be drinking, and the last thing you want on your grad night is to get tagged with a ticket by the Edmonton Police. Rent a charter bus and avoid tickets, drunk driving and the dangers of passenger vehicles.


A Bus Charter Is The Perfect Choice For Your Graduation

Whether you need to get people from the party to their hotels, organize a pre-grad dinner, or get to the ceremony, choosing Alberta North Transport for your Edmonton bus charter is the sound decision.

You have more variety than with a limo. People won’t get lost. You don’t have to worry about over-consumption of alcohol. You and your friends will get to where you want to be when you need to be there.

That’s why so many people are choosing Alberta North Transport for their Edmonton bus rental when it comes to their graduation transportation.

If you are in the greater Edmonton area and are considering a coach bus rental for your graduation party transportation, contact Alberta North Transport today and get the party started off right.

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